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Dualist evolves primarily from the beauty of dualism which creates contrast between the opposite, the magical ability of art being to create a three dimensional illusion on a two dimensional space using lights and shadows is truly magnificent if experienced in depth. We look forward to bring out the soul of every person into this malleable space with elegance and beauty.

Dualist is an artist’s expression to reveal character and emotion of people through paintings with new styles which truly bring the art work to life. Dualist envisions to make fine art available to everybody to add liveliness and dynamism to every space. Currently working pan India, our vision is to expand our services to every corner of the world.


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How long does the painting and delivery take?

Since the work is a piece or art, the time varies depending on the complexity of the order and has to be estimated individually. As the number of people in the picture increase, it takes up more time to finish the painting. For a rough estimate, it can take anywhere between 8-14 working days post confirmation, for the art work to reach you.

I have a hardcopy of the photo, what is the best method to send it?

Please scan the cleaned original photo with highest ppi (pixels per inch) (1200/800/600 ppi) available on your scanner. Send them to us in JPEG or TIFF format for the best quality.

What kind of photo is the best?

A clear close up picture of the people to be painted is a must, being at highest possible resolution, it shouldn’t be less than 1024 x 768 pixels in JPEG or TIFF format. A bad quality picture directly affects the end product, hence we request you send us multiple images in case you are doubtful to choose which one.

Whats the guarantee of the canvas?

We use specially manufactured cotton blend canvas for archival printing. There is always a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every canvas. All prints are liquid laminated for additional safety and durability. Any errors in material, design or printing will be fully refunded or re-produced and shipped with no additional cost to you.

What is the size that I can order?

Our prints are of any size between 8″x8″ to 54″ x 54″ (Inches).

What are the types of prints available?

Rolled Canvas: They come printed as a canvas roll. They are not stretched or framed. That is the cheapest option for the order and can be used if you intend to frame your canvas by yourself.

Hanging Canvas: These are neither stretched nor rolled, instead an unmatched amalgamation of two with the impeccable blend of ethnicity. Unpack them and hang these gorgeously crafted hanging canvas prints on your home/office walls.

Split Canvas: Split canvas Prints break one image into different canvases or panels, when viewed together they create a stunning singular vision. Once you upload the picture and select the required size our team of expert designers would do the required sizing, adjustments and manipulations to make it a piece of ART

Can I place the painting anywhere?

Although there is a UV protection & waterproof layer on it, it is not made to be hung outside in direct weather conditions or where significant changes of humidity & temperature keep taking place. It is intended for indoor purpose only.


Is it possible to get my canvas by a certain date?

The artwork, printing & delivery combined take at least 8-14 working days post confirmation, depending on the complexity of the order. If you need it sooner, feel free to contact us at support@dualist.studio or +91 9948647217, we would let you know if it would be possible.


Do you deliver outside India?

Yes, our print & delivery is available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA & UK. Please contact us for further details.


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